360° spin technology

Modix 360°

Take high quality 360° vehicle images

The easiest way to take and present high quality 360° images and video on your website, that’s proven to increase leads and sell cars faster.



Capture and upload interactive interior and exterior spins in less than 3 minutes



Websites with Modix 360° imagery see uplift in intent to purchase of up to 42% compared to vehicles without 360°



Websites with Modix 360° imagery see an average increase in time on spent on vehicle detail pages of 56% compared to sites without


Cars faster

360° images give your customer more upfront information before buying - selling your vehicle quicker

Modix 360° is simple and easy to use – this short video shows you how, step-by-step.

Clickable hotspots

When there's detail you want to highlight, Modix 360° allows you to easily add interactive hotspots to your vehicle spins.

Modix 360° overlays your spin with clickable hotspots to ensure the unique features of your stock aren’t overlooked.

You can track the exact hotspots each consumer clicked on to improve your sales conversations.

Utilise hotspots to upsell and promote products – you can even use hotspots to show off dents and dings and further convey transparency.

High resolution photography

The handy Modix 360° app provides hints and tips to help you take consistent, high quality images.

Upload 360° and still images in high resolution - there'll be no reduction in quality.

Using Modix 360° for vehicle images on your website gives your customers all the detail they need to make an informed and confident decision.

The 360° images also allow your customers to zoom in and pan, further building confidence in their buying decision.

Seamless spin

Easily capture complete interior and exterior spins of a vehicle – Modix 360° provides you with everything you need.

Modix 360° captures images at multiple angles, and knits them together within the app into one seamless spin, ready for you to display on your website. The app even helps you stabilise the images to reduce blur and keep the quality consistent.

Not only can your customer rotate, zoom and pan around the exterior of the vehicle they can step inside for a fully-panoramic experience.


Why Modix 360°
  • Easily integrates with your Modix used vehicle locator
  • Add 360° images to your Motors.co.uk listings
  • Modix are the #1 market leader in digital automotive marketing
  • Dedicated technical support
What's in the box
  • Camera for taking your interior shots
  • Two tripods for interior and exterior spin stabilisation
  • Lens kit to help you take a variety of still and 360° images
  • User guide detailing everything you need to know to shoot your spins
  • You'll also need to download an app to take and upload the exterior spins