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The Modix Automotive Platform

How can Manufacturers and Dealers stay one-step ahead and continue attracting potential buyers online?

There is huge competition within the online used vehicle market, and both technology and consumer expectations continue to move at pace. Manufacturers and dealerships are coming under increasing pressure from low-cost providers.

So how can they stay one-step ahead and continue attracting potential buyers online?

We have the answer! The Modix automotive platform.

What are the benefits of the Modix automotive platform: 

> Your brand positioned at every touchpoint in the consumers digital journey 
> Closer connectivity between dealerships, retailers and manufacturers 
> Increased control and effectiveness when marketing online 
> Added reach and better website performance through customised, content managed platforms
> Simple tools for importing vehicle data from the Modix vehicle management system 

Is this familiar?
Yet another competitor has listed a cheaper car on a used vehicle portal, meaning they will potentially make a sale before you. Almost every car dealer has experienced this numerous times and will probably do so again in future. That is because pricing pressure – driven by private ads and wild offers – often wins out over reliable authorised dealership promotions.

In far too many cases, price alone becomes the key factor. This isn’t really surprising considering the number of online websites and aggregators often showing one brand next to another, and older stock alongside certified used vehicle quality. This leaves very little space for branding and the ability to build trust and confidence. How are potential buyers to assess the true value of the vehicles they view?

The future is integrated experiences
Establishing a brand, building trust and making sure potential buyers have access to the most important product data – these are the factors that will help you escape the price war in the used vehicle market. However, this will only work if dealerships and manufacturers work together. In practice, dealerships often use isolated solutions that don’t always make the most of potential sales. Dealerships run their own websites while manufacturers use theirs to showcase new vehicles. There tends to be no link between the manufacturer’s brand identity and the range of vehicles in stock at the dealership. This type of isolated solution will make it impossible to gain a competitive advantage in the online used vehicle market.

The Modix automotive platform connects your channels
It establishes a link between the manufacturer’s brand identity and the dealership’s vehicle inventory. As a result, potential car buyers will find exactly what they’re looking for at every touchpoint in their digital journey: approved used vehicles with verified quality. And that’s not all: vehicle portals, dealer website landing pages and dealer websites from a single source not only strengthen the brand image but also increase online sales.

The modules in the Modix automotive platform
The used vehicle locator brings together all the vehicles on offer from participating dealerships. This means that the complete stock of vehicles appears on an independent portal with its own domain.

Dealer landing pages primarily boost dealerships and dealer networks, as they help users to search through vehicles in stock. The focus is on the marketing and presentation of the dealers digital showroom.

Dealer websites are personalised, yet still reflect the manufacturer’s brand identity. Dealer websites drive contact with the dealership by making sure the most important information is in a prominent position, while also allowing them to promote their own ranges of services.

Make the most of every opportunity!
When combining the modules of the Modix automotive platform you will start to realise their full potential. Each element helps to boost the performance of the branded experience!

Together with other products, such as Modix AdBox and Imagery Solutions, the platform becomes a comprehensive online marketing tool. With simple vehicle import and export processes, and marketing for your current used vehicle stock, online marketing is easier than ever before.

Stand out and drive leads with your own vehicle portal
For any manufacturer, investing in your own vehicle portal means investing in your brand experience. Manufacturers and dealerships will only be able to escape the price war and focus on the quality of their products if potential buyers can get in touch with the brand on their digital customer journey.


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