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The evolving role of the car dealership

Many people think that the first step a customer takes on their journey towards their next car is visiting the showroom but in truth, the journey begins a lot sooner than that. From the moment a potential customer visits your dealership’s website, they’re looking for all the information they need to be confident in their choice of car and most importantly, you.

In fact, nearly all of the groundwork that leads to a customer choosing where to buy their new car is online, whether they’re researching car prices, finding cars listed for sale, comparing different models, finding the value of their current car or locating a nearby dealer. Google has found that 90% of car buyers research online before making a purchase, 65% of people research their potential new vehicle on their smartphone and 66% watch online videos to help them make their decision! So there’s a huge market to tap into on the web – and many people walking through your doors have done extensive online research before deciding to go for a test drive.

What this means is that it’s more important than ever to make sure your online presence is the best it can be to attract customers away from the comfort of their computer and into your dealership, and that means making it as user-friendly as possible.

Furthermore, a substantial number of potential buyers use mobile devices to find the information they’re looking for, which means your website not only needs to look great on traditional computer or laptop screens, but it also has to impress on a smartphone or tablet as well – that’s why we ensure that your website is optimised to work perfectly on every device and screen size, even on a BlackBerry®! It’ll even help your SEO, as Google ranks ‘Mobile-Friendly Websites’ and search queries from mobile devices much higher than traditional websites.

The online experience goes even more in-depth than this though, with many customers wanting to take a virtual ‘walk-through’ the dealership before they physically visit. They want to feel familiar in the environment when they visit the dealership in person as it empowers them to feel confident in their surroundings to make a decision.

Many people even like to virtually experience a car, with innovative 360 degree imagery showing them around both the exterior and interior, which explains the rise in popularity of finding vehicles via video. Modix 360 is a future product that will provide 360° internal and external images of vehicles and we know that this is guaranteed to increase conversions.

At Modix, we can transform your online presence from a simple website to a show-stopping digital showroom with a few simple updates and some input from our expert team. Thanks to our innovative suite of products such as industry-leading vehicle locators and imagery solutions, we’ve got everything you need to give your customer the best digital experience possible, no matter what device they’re using to browse.

If you think it’s time for your dealership to make a splash online, our experts are here to help! Simply contact us today and we’ll work together to create a website that impresses from the first click.