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The digital showroom!

Your customers are online – be there.

When was the last time you shopped online or researched for a product on your phone, tablet or laptop? Last week? Yesterday? Today? Now?

Over 92%* of the UK population are online. This doesn't just apply to the buying behavior of TV's, holidays or clothes, it also refers to car research too! These days consumers use the web to find their perfect vehicle. In fact over 80%** of consumers will use multiple devices to research a vehicle, and almost 75%*** of customers in 2016 are willing to buy a new car online

Who wouldn't want to be at home, on the couch, while looking for the right vehicle after the opening hours of the dealership? Brands, vehicles and also their equipment are compared as well as finance options are reviewed and compared. Once the “favorite” is found, a test drive is scheduled - by email, contact form or by phone call. 

Your website is your digital sales person

Before potential car buyer take the first step into your dealership – they have already gathered all kinds of information online. Your website is probably one of the first touchpoints for your potential customer. Make it as easy as possible for them to access your current vehicle inventory by transforming your website into a digital showroom. Provide them with all the important information they are looking for. They should feel just as comfortable in your digital showroom as in your dealership. Make sure your website is user-friendly, keep your information up-to-date and make the most of the digital customer experience.

We live online

Online marketing is more important than ever. In the year 2016, 9 of 10 started their search for a vehicle online. Make sure that your website is found (SEO optimised, use Modix AdBox and is responsive). Take advantage of the digital showroom and reach your prospects outside of business hours.

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