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Franchised dealers should maximise their marketing to avoid price war

Modix encourages dealers to focus on optimising connections between customers and their own brand.

With increasing competition within the new and used vehicle market, particularly from online businesses, automotive digital marketing business Modix is encouraging dealers to focus on optimising the connection between customers and their own brand throughout the consumer car buying journey.

Darren Sinclair, managing director of Modix UK, said: “While price is the most important factor for some car buyers, that certainly isn’t the case for all, and there are many other considerations that impact the car buying decision. We also know that car buyers want a connection with, and trust and confidence in, the dealer from which they are buying.”

“The majority of car buying decisions start online, and by ensuring consumers have touchpoints with the brand at every stage in their digital journey, manufacturers and dealers can effectively target the range of factors being considered, including reliability, quality and safety.”

Modix vehicle portals, dealer website landing pages and dealer websites, consistently designed and linked a single source not only strengthen the brand image, but can also increase online sales. By providing closer connectivity between dealers and manufacturers, the Modix platform can trace car buyers through their journey and deliver effective, targeted and customised marketing at every stage.

Darren Sinclair added: “Establishing a brand, building trust and making sure potential buyers have access to accurate information are key to new and used vehicle sales. If dealers run their websites to showcase their stock and manufacturers use theirs to showcase new vehicles, there is no link between brand identity and the vehicles in stock. Maximising their marketing to leverage the power of the brand is key to gaining competitive advantage.”

The Modix automotive platform provides a range of opportunities to create and strengthen this link with consumers. Modix used vehicle locators bring together all the vehicles on offer from participating dealerships, meaning a complete stock of vehicles appears on a dedicated used vehicle portal with its own domain.

Dealer landing pages primarily provide a marketing boost dealerships and dealer networks, helping consumers to search through vehicles in stock within a digital showroom environment.

Dealer websites go one step further, providing a personalised online presence, while still reflecting the manufacturer’s brand identity. Dealer websites position the most important information prominently to drive contact with the consumer, and allow them to promote their own ranges of services.

Every element of the Modix platform helps to drive awareness of, and connection with the dealer and manufacturer, ultimately developing the consumer relationship and avoiding an otherwise inevitable price war.