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Four in 10 UK adults

view used vehicles using Modix platform

In 2016, more than 18.6 million UK adults, equating to 41% of the online population, viewed used cars and vans listed on Modix used vehicle locators, which are operated for 15 major global vehicle manufacturers in the UK market.

Over the course of the year, manufacturers using Modix used vehicle locators racked up a total of more than 35.4 million individual visits, with consumers spending nearly 3 million hours browsing manufacturer’s used stock available at franchised dealers.

Darren Sinclair, managing director of Modix UK, said: “Modix is the market leader in automotive digital marketing, and these figures underline our scale and our reach into the UK consumer population, with 95% of traffic either from referrals, direct or organic search.”

“Our used vehicle locators for manufacturers are the best in the business. We have developed our platform to respond to the latest trends, with 52% of all visits to Modix UVLs now coming from mobile or tablet devices.”

Modix provides digital marketing solutions for dealers and manufacturers, and offers industry leading used vehicle locators that plug in to manufacturer websites and help consumers to find an approved used vehicle.

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