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Effective digital marketing for dealers is more important than ever

Nine out of 10 car buyers will visit a dealer’s website before visiting their showroom. In addition, there continue to be challenges around physical footfall, with a dealer survey by cap hpi at the start of the year reporting a dip in the number of dealers seeing a monthly footfall increase compared to the previous year.

Darren Sinclair, managing director of Modix at Cox Automotive UK, said: “It’s clear that effective digital marketing for dealers is more important than ever, not just in terms of technology that is innovative and can give dealers an edge, but technology that is easy to use and can deliver immediate results.”

Modix is the European leader in automotive digital advertising and provides dealers and manufacturers with a range of powerful digital marketing tools that help them to maximise the latest technology to help bring car buyers onto their website and into their showroom.

Sinclair added: “We are committed to ensuring that our technology-powered tools are easy to use. Dealers need to be able to deploy our digital marketing solutions quickly and easily, without the necessity for adding headcount or getting a degree in rocket science!”

Modix AdBox demystifies search engine marketing for dealers, with the only inputs required being a budget, running time of the marketing activity and the vicinity in which it should be targeted. Depending on the search terms used by the consumer, Modix AdBox access the dealer’s inventory sitting in its stock management system and sends out dynamic, targeted adverts that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual car buyer.

Crucially, Modix AdBox requires no Google AdWords knowledge to implement the tool within a dealership, and runs automated bidding 24/7 on Google AdWords relevant to make and model to maximise the dealer’s marketing budget.

For dealers’ vehicle imagery needs, Modix SnapLot enables dealers to produce consistent vehicle imagery. With consumers spending more time online, more often, they expect a high level of details when it comes to vehicle imagery and information. SnapLot is a simple, smartphone based technology that provides on-screen guides to ensure cars are captured at the best distance and at the best angle. The guides give a dealers’ stocklist a professional and consistent look and feel that is sure to impress prospective car buyers.

Modix LeadTracker allows dealers to track response to – and therefore return on investment – their digital marketing, by using dynamic email addresses and phone numbers in online and offline marketing. Using these means that the most effective channels can be easily identified and boosted, and that the less effective channels can be dialled down, if required. LeadTracker analyses all emails and phone calls to gives dealers a comprehensive, but easy-to-digest summary of their marketing spend and performance.

Darren Sinclair said: “There are myriad digital marketing tools out there for dealers to use, so it can be challenging to work out which ones will provide the best results and returns. Our focus is on providing dealers with the best technology – backed up by our strong partnerships with Google and Microsoft – that is easy to use and can be connected with a dealer’s existing systems and processes so it can seamlessly integrate into any dealership.”