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Connected Services

for a Connected Vehicle Marketplace

Smart, connected technology is driving rapid advancement in the automotive world, creating more diverse opportunities for car marketers and manufacturers to interact with consumers.

Today, smart cars can support a full range of marketing strategies, as they become platforms for everything from customer outreach and targeted messaging, to ecommerce and personalised services. For leading automotive retail brands Modix and incadea, continuous innovation is crucial to success. With many vehicles now entering the market with the ability to connect the internet, it’s important to take advantage of the increasingly digital capabilities of cars, their drivers and their buyers.

Connected cars provide a wealth of information and data about how people use their vehicles. Marketers can now combine current customer relationship management data with this newly sourced intelligence to map out the customer journey in more detail, and reach out to potential customers at the right time.

As the number one provider of automotive digital marketing solutions, Modix is committed to innovation and finding the most effective ways to reach customers, and bringing them straight to car dealers at the right time to build strong and lasting relationships. As GPS and connected car data enables directly targeted ads, and information about driving habits increases the potential of multichannel advertising. Modix could maximise its paid search tool, AdBox, potentially sending bespoke ads straight to vehicles. Why not? It doesn’t get more targeted than an ad for a vehicle you’re interested in appearing at the right time and place as your driving past that very dealership.

By analysing the extensive data now available to marketers across the vehicle lifecycle, it’s possible to deliver personalised marketing campaigns across digital channels. incadea is already an expert in mapping the vehicle buying journey, providing the tools to engage customers and building efficiency throughout dealers’ operations. The comprehensive nature of the incadea offering means that it could work seamlessly with smart car tech, which will facilitate things like real-time servicing alerts for vehicles, accurate location tracking, and a more customer-centred approach. Imagine a world where your car doesn’t just alert you it needs servicing, it books itself in and pre-orders the relevant parts that need changing.

A more competitive, technology-enabled automotive market means a higher standard of digital marketing, customer relationship management and dealership management tools across the board. Increasingly, vehicles are using cloud platforms to implement new ways of storing essential vehicle and customer information, and continuing to innovate by using this connectivity in new ways is key to delivering leading services for car dealers, and enabling better connectivity between car buyers and dealers.

When it comes to automotive expertise, Modix and incadea are at the forefront of the developing digital world. With powerful tools ready to be combined by a wealth of data, and services built to connect efficiently with smart, self-driving and internet-enabled vehicles, the automotive experience of the future is fast becoming a reality.

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